Monday, 13 February 2012

What do Employers Look to Hire Entry Level Healthcare Executive?

Due to aging of large part of population and current advancement in technology, healthcare industry has become highly dynamic and promising career field among all other occupations. It offers wide range of career opportunities in its different sub-fields. Moreover, a qualified healthcare executive is capable to work in diverse healthcare setting like hospitals, managed care organizations, home health services, long-term care units and consulting firms.
You can guess the promising future in healthcare industry by observing some numerical facts about top occupations in US. According to a research report, half of the 20 fastest growing occupations are belong to health services fields. Whereas if you particularly look for employment opportunities for administrative/executive healthcare careers, you will find that number of jobs are available in physician offices and home healthcare services. During the next 10 years it is predicted that around 3.5 million new jobs will be available in health services which is the total of 16% of all new jobs. Hospitals contribute to only 2% of the jobs available in healthcare industry. Remaining jobs are offered by other healthcare facilities like clinics and private practices.

Critical Stage of Job Search
Interview is the critical stage of job search in the any field. Irrespective to the fact whether you are interviewing for hourly wage opportunity, entry level job or highest paying hospital executive role and clinical job like doctors or nurses, you will have to make sure that you are well prepared for interview. If you are thoroughly for your job interview it will ensure your success to get job. An interview is the presentation of you to the employer. You can show the skills, expertise and will to learn new things to your employer.

Do you have all primary things to become professional healthcare executive?

Before applying to get job in healthcare industry to become a healthcare executive, you must know what an employer look for in candidates applying for entry level managers in healthcare. Following are some primary criteria you must consider when preparing yourself to become healthcare executive.

Education &Training/Previous Work Experience

Like all other professions, training and education is of core importance. A relevant degree in healthcare administration/healthcare management from a top accredited college or university makes you enable to apply for job. Furthermore, candidates obtaining continuing education for professional development are also eligible for healthcare executive careers. Employers also consider candidates with previous working experience on positions like internships and fellowships health facilities and business settings.

Good Communication skills
Healthcare executives deal with patients and other healthcare professionals, effective coordination among all of them requires unmatched written and verbal communication skills. You need to show strong written and communication skills that will help you to produce reports and proposals.
Flexibility to fit in Organization
Employers also consider the flexibility in candidate. They evaluate how you can interlock your career objectives with organization’s aims. Your flexibility to work with higher level professionals, subordinates and colleagues is also an important factor that effect on employer’s decision. Other things that an employer must look include your overall attitude and appearance that represents your confidence, maturity and level of competency.
Dependability and Loyalty
Every employer considers those candidates more on healthcare executive posts who show dependability and honesty for their organization. Besides this, making mature decisions and taking responsibilities of these decisions is also a plus point.  An honest and ethical business behavior with strong commitment for organization you are employed will enhances your promotion options.

Above we have discussed few important characteristics a potential employer will see in a candidate applying for entry level healthcare executive. In order to become a successful healthcare executive professional you will have to train you to develop above mentioned qualities and skills. If you are interested to become healthcare executive professional, you can click here to know relevant health sciences degree programs offered by top accredited universities and colleges.

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