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Famous Medical Assistant Work Areas

Medical Sciences or health sciences is one among the fastest growing and promising field. It welcomes all individuals who have natural interest to provide help and care to people facing health issues. You can even join some entry level medical sciences jobs with minimal level of education. The best way to jump start your career in the field of health sciences is to become medical assistant. Medical assistant itself is very broad and diverse healthcare profession mainly divided into administrative and clinical jobs. Common people assume that it requires several years of education and practical training to become a healthcare professional. The actual situation is entirely different; there are number of medical and health sciences degrees that can be completed in as little as nine months or a year and after pursuing degree you will become eligible to join great career in medical field. Usually, candidates who are interested to become in this field can complete one year certification training or two years associates of health sciences degree. While if you want to become a doctor, nurse or willing to specialize in any specific healthcare field. You will have to complete all relevant education.

Medical Assistant Work Areas
Almost all health service and medical facilities hire medical assistants to run their facility in efficient way. There are numerous numbers of job opportunities and specialization areas available for candidates with medical assisting degree and certification. Employers define duties of their medical assistants according to their requirements. Following are some of the famous work areas or jobs available for qualified professionals.

  • Medical Assistants working in Team
  • Front Office: Clerical, Reception and Admin 
  • Back Office: Clinical and Therapeutic and Storage
  • Medical Office Managers
Medical Assistants working in Team
Medical assistants find job in clean and well organized environments. Qualified professionals play important role in medical facilities to operate all functions smoothly. They follow doctors or physician directions and coordinate with patients and build lasting relationship. They manage all primary issues related to patient’s visit to clinic, collecting blood samples and other specimens like wound swabs for bacterial cultures. As we know a typical medical office is divided in to two main areas that include front and back office. Besides this major division of a medical office, a medical office should function as a single unit with a common goal to provide best health services to patients. Well trained medical assistants who are working in of large healthcare facilities work with others like a team and are capable to oversee all issues of front and back office.

Front Office: Reception, Admin and Clerical

Commonly medical assistants are the first person who interact with patients very first when they visit any health service unit. They take care of front office and reception area. They are also known as medical secretary as they are handling all kind of clerical work of the front desk. Mainly these professionals’ carryout administrative duties like scheduling patient’s appointment, verifying and filling out insurance forms, writing reference letters, making appointments for X-ray, laboratory tests and other diagnostic and medical procedures. They perform necessary data collection for patients like pulling out their previous medical records, charts when they are sitting in waiting area. Professionals working in front office are also described as medical administrative assistants.

Back Office: Clinical and Therapeutic and Storage
Back Office is an important part of medical service units. It is the hub place where all ambulatory healthcare services are performed by clinical and medical professionals like doctors, nurses and therapist. Physicians and doctors provide consultation services to patients to assess and diagnose diseases. Other important functions that are carried out in back office include screening procedures, physical and diagnostic examination, immunization and therapeutic treatments. Clinical Medical Assistants assist these professionals in back office and write prescription for patients according to physician directions.

Medical Office Managers
Medical office managers are kind of higher grade administrative professionals that work as an assistant to doctors in back office. They handle hospital computer records, financial issues and storage rooms. They coordinate with everyone in front and back office to improve quality of health services. A medical office manager can be a registered nurse or Health Information manager with a health information degree. They also ensure supply of medicines and medical equipments continuously and organize after hours cleaning staff to maintain hygienic environment. Moreover, they also maintain structure of medical facility building.

Medical Assistants work in healthcare facilities and help other clinical staff like doctors, nurses and therapists to identify and treat patients in better way. If you are interested to become a professional in this field you can get enrolled in any university to get relevant health sciences degree via on-campus or online health sciences degree programs.


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