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Healthcare Careers that Help You Persist During High Recession


You must have noticed that there is a high recession in economy in recent years and it is not stable right now. This economic downfall also destabilizes and reduces job opportunities in different occupation. It has become difficult to maintain a healthy sound career for professionals in different fields. Due to current downsizing in employment, fresh candidates have become very conscious to select any occupation to pursue as a career in future. Considering all these factors about economic issues it has observed that various professions are still retain stability and don’t get affected much like healthcare, information technology and education. Healthcare is grouped among the largest industries in USA with work force of 14 million in 2006 that is expected to grow about three million additional job opportunities in year 2016 (BLS report). There are hundreds of different jobs available in healthcare profession. Like all other professions healthcare also offer highest compensation packages and good salaries for individuals holding higher level degrees and low salary with small benefits for those pursuing lower level health sciences degrees. People have become very careful to choose suitable career for their future life. They consider primary things like time and education required to earn good salaries earned in future. Good thing about healthcare profession is that there are few healthcare careers that fulfill all criteria to rapidly progress in professional world.

Healthcare Careers that Help You Persist During High Recession

Almost all jobs in healthcare sector require some level of degree and work experience to progress and survive during high recession. If you have relevant degree in health sciences you can become a qualified and successful healthcare professional in any specific specialization of your choice. Healthcare industry progresses continuously due to huge aging population and current advancement in technology. Following are some famous healthcare careers that are considered among few healthcare careers that let you persist under high recession conditions.

  • Healthcare Management and Administration Careers
  • Medical Healthcare Careers
  • Therapist Careers
  • Diagnostic Careers

Healthcare Management and Administration Careers

With an associates or bachelors level degree in the field of health sciences you become eligible to join any career in the field of healthcare management and administration. There is a broad range of careers available in this area of specialization. Depending on the level of your education you can join assistant or manager level positions in healthcare facilities. Specific healthcare management and administration careers include medical transcriptionist, medical office secretaries, medical coders, medical record keepers, office mangers or medical administrators. Expected job growth rate in this area is estimated to 18% in year 2018.

Medical Healthcare Careers

Medical healthcare careers require an associates, bachelors or doctorate level health sciences degrees. You will be working as a healthcare professional like doctor, nurse or therapist as well as assistant for healthcare professionals like doctors, RN nurses, occupational or physical therapist. As we know that baby boomer population is aging rapidly, it enhances the need of well trained and qualified healthcare professionals. Interested candidates can even start their medical healthcare careers as an assistant and learn essential skills on job. But an associates or bachelors health sciences degree is very helpful to gain and learn all necessary knowledge and skills to carry out routine tasks in healthcare facilities. You will have to complete your required degree in medical sciences to qualify for job. Graduate students of medical assisting degree programs are capable to become licensed practical nurse, physician assistant and registered nurse. All medical healthcare careers will remain in demand during high recession because qualified healthcare professionals are always required to provide better health services to populations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics job growth rate is predicted to rise 35% between the years 2006 and 2016.  

Therapist Careers
Respiratory therapist, occupational therapist and physical therapist are three major healthcare careers in this field. All of these three careers require bachelor’s level health sciences degree to become a professional. They are well trained healthcare professionals that utilize different relevant techniques to treat patients. The main cause of these professionals to improve quality of life of people having disorders like respiratory issues, mentally and physically disabled peoples and patients having some muscle injuries that don’t let them to move and work properly. Again these jobs will be less affected during recession time, because skilled professionals can also start their work privately or they can join various work settings like hospitals, schools, rehabs and sports.

Diagnostic Careers
Some individuals are more interested to perform diagnostic services that help doctors and physician to treat patients accurately. For such personals various careers are available in the field of allied health services. Diagnostic medical sonographer, cardiovascular technologist and radiologists are some of the famous diagnostic healthcare careers. Associates or bachelors level education is required to get success and good compensation with job security in future. According to BLS employment will exceed to 24% during the year of 2008 and 2018. Diagnostic careers will remain almost unaffected from recession because health practitioners and doctors rely more on these diagnostic techniques to develop accurate treatment plan. Moreover, technology advancements also create jobs for qualified technologists.

As you can see that it is not necessary that all healthcare professions help you to survive during high recession. Each healthcare career has its own merits and demerits. All careers allow qualified professionals to earn different at different times. There is no guarantee to remain unaffected during economic recession in any field including healthcare profession. Only thing that can save you is making careful occupational choices and obtaining relevant health sciences degrees and certifications. You need to identify that healthcare career you are going to join provide such services that people avail them as need rather than want.

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